Butler County Amateur Radio Public Service Group

Dedicated to working with Butler County 9-1-1 Emergency Services


13 Colonies Special Event –  July 1 through 7. Join amateur stations around the world to commemorate the USA’s Independence. Contact each of the 13 Special Event Stations located in the original 13 Colonies (K2A – K2M) plus bonus stations in Great Britain  (GB13COL) and Philadelphia (WM3PEN). Click here for details and more information.

Club PicnicWinfield Township Community Park, 1000 to 1600.  Boy Scouts are welcome!  We will have a GOTA station for the scouts.

COVID-19 Health & Welfare NetsAmateur Radio Clubs around Western Pennsylvania are operating Health & Welfare nets during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Click here for more information…


6/30/2020 – ARRL Field Day 2020 is in the history books. With social distancing and other restrictions it was certainly a time for radio amateurs to demonstrate their ability to adapt. Most BCARPSG members participated from home. Thanks to the generous hospitality of Butler County Emergency Services we were able to activate a Class 2F EOC station at the Butler County Emergency Operations Center. To learn more about our Field Day activities, including club member scores please visit our Field Day page.

6/22/2020WAN-RS Linked Repeater Antenna Upgrade. Our Winfield Township 145.290 MHz repeater has a new antenna and initial reports are of a much improved signal. This repeater operates with a negative offset and a PL tone of 131.8 Hz.

6/15/2020 – Welcome New Member. The BCARPSG would like to welcome Dale Hutchison to the hobby and to our club. Dale passed his Technician license exam this past weekend.

5/16/2020 NEW REPEATER ONLINE The former Saxonburg WAN-RS repeater has been relocated to Winfield Township and is now operational on 145.290 MHz, PL 131.8, negative offset. This repeater is a linked member of the Pennsylvania Wide Area Network Repeater System (WAN-RS).

4/18/2020 – Happy World Amateur Radio Day!  Check out our new Club Photo Page and Club Video Page. Also, have a look at our YouTube Channel.

3/26/2020 – The BCARPSG club has been bestowed the honor and distinction of serving Western Pennsylvania as an ARRL Special Service Club (SSC).  ARRL SSCs are clubs that go above and beyond to serve their fellow amateurs and their communities around them, and oftentimes in ways that are unique within their local ARRL Section.


Club Net Dates

ACS net at 7:45  Digital training net to follow at 8:00.  Dates & net control ops:

  • 1 July W3TXG
  • 8 July – No net, club meeting
  • 15 July – KA3KST
  •  22 July – KE3SV
  • 29 July – KA3RNF
  • 5 August – W3TXG
  • 12 August – No net, club meeting

Repeater: Primary – 147.300+ 131.8pl; Backup – 443.900+ 131.8pl

7/8/2020 - Next Club Meeting

Our club meets on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 1930 in the Butler County 9-1-1 Operations Center.

NOTICE: Due to the on-going coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and recommendations for social distancing the 7/8 meeting will be held via video teleconference. The Butler County 9-1-1 Operations Center will not be used for this meeting.

License Exams

Ham radio license exams, lead by the club’s volunteer examineers, are available after the monthly meeting or upon request.