Club Nets

The Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS) Net now meets on the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th (if applicable) Wednesday of each month, at 1945 hours local time.  The primary repeater will be the Alameda, 147.300 and if needed, the back-up machine will be the EOC’s Sunny-view machine, 443.9

Below you will find the ACS INFO Net Control (NC) revised schedule for 2019
January 2 – KA3RNF, January 16 – WA3GDS, February 6 – KA3RNF, February 20 – KE3SV, March 6 – KA3RNF,  March 20 – KA3KST,  March 27 – KA3WIK,  April 3 – WA3GDS,  April 17 – KA3KST,  April 24 – KA3WIK,  May 1 – N3HRX,  May 15 – KA3WIK,  May 29 – KA3WIK,  June 5 – KA3RNF,  June 19 –  N3HRX, June 26 – July 3 –  July 17 –  July 24 – July 31 – Aug 7 –  Aug 21 –  Aug 28 – Sep 4 –  Sep 18 –  Sep 25 – Oct 2 –  Oct 16 –  Oct 23 – Oct 30 – Nov 6 –  Nov 20 –  Nov 27 – Dec 4 – Dec 18 

In short, the ACS Net will accept check-in’s on 147.300, pass news and information, then upon closing of the Info Net, operators interested in practicing / learning digital communication would QSY to 145.290 or stay on 147.300 (KA3MSE/NC DETERMINES REPEATER USED) for the digital training portion of the net.  The assigned ACS Net Control or a designated individual will document all check-in’s on the ICS 205A and forward the 205A to the Butler County EC (KA3TBT) and Butler County RO (KA3HUK).  The attached 205A is a fill-able form and was obtained from the FEMA website, please use it.  If you have any problems with the fill-able portion of the form merely “Google” ICS 205A and download your own copy from the appropriate FEMA Fill-able Forms Site.   It is hoped at the very least, that ACS Members will readily step-up and volunteer as a Net Control for ACS Info Net Control duty.  It is my personal opinion that every member of ACS Team should be a ACS Net Control at least once per year.   We currently have 18 / Region 13 FEMA registered members of ACS in Butler County and a lot of things to accomplish this year.  Remember, if every ACS member volunteers for one slot we’ll have almost 90% of the schedule filled!  

Final thoughts:
  • Everyone is human and will make mistakes, absolutely no one expects a perfectly executed net script.  That’s precisely why we practice!
  • ACS Digital Training is voluntary and highly encouraged but you are not required to participate.
  • This Net Control schedule strictly applies to the 1st portion of the net, ACS Info Net only.  Lloyd Craft (KA3MSE) is the Net Control for the Digital Training portion of the net.
  • Net Control Slots are “first come, first served”.
  • Last but not least, if all you hear is silence when the ACS Net is scheduled to start, wait a full minute past the start time, then feel free to jump-in and take the net.  We should always be willing and able to back each other up as needed!
  • We have heard of interest in our Digital Training Net from both Beaver and Washington Counties, don’t be surprised to hear some new voices this year!!!!!