Our club has four repeaters, with a mixture of VHF and UHF types.  All repeaters use the same PL tone of 131.8Hz.  We are working on connecting all of our repeaters to the AllStar WAN (Wide Area Network).  See for more information about the AllStar network.

9-1-1 Center

Frequency: 443.900 +

Located in the Butler County 9-1-1 Operations Center.

Alameda Park

Frequency: 147.300 +

Located in Alameda Park, Butler County.

West Sunbury

Frequency: 442.900 +

Winfield Township (2)

Located in the Winfield Township Municipal Building.

Frequency: 145.290 –
Formerly in Saxonburg, this repeater is a linked member of the Pennsylvania Wide Area Network Repeater System (WANRS).

Frequency: 443.200 +