Butler County Amateur Radio Public Service Group

Dedicated to working with Butler County 9-1-1 Emergency Services

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9/18/2023WOW! Congratulations are in order!  I just found out on the Butler County Net this evening, that new member Jim Cornwell, KC3WCY, has recently earned his Extra Class operating ticket!  That’s the way to do it Jim, you now have privileges in the entire amateur spectrum!  Good Luck!  I’m certain you’ll have many new operating experiences and activities on your operating horizon.   

7/30/2023 – Please join me in welcoming Crystel and Walter James (Jim) Cornwell, KC3WFY and KC3WCY respectively, as new members of the PSG!  You may have heard them check into the Butler County Net on several occasions or may have met them at our last meeting earlier this month!?  Nonetheless, they must have liked what they heard or saw,  as they both decided to become regular members!!   Their home in Cranberry Township and I’ve added them to the PSG Roster.  If you haven’t already done so, say “Hello” the next time you hear or see them.  Crystel, Jim, the club’s greatest resource is our membership,  Welcome to our Club!!   

7/12/2023 – Congratulations goes out to PSG Member Joe Hoelzli, KC3SAU and amateur operator Rick Moore, KC3FWQ, both tested after the PSG meeting last night and earned their General Class license!  Nice going guys!!

6/26/2023 – Congratulations goes out to PSG Member Lisa French, KC3LQW, now AC3JX.  I just learned that Lisa earned her Extra Class operating “Ticket”!!  I’m hoping to talk with her on the air or in person, one day real soon!!

5/26/2023 Congratulations goes out to club member Dan Schall, KC3NYB.  Chuck, N3OIK just notified me that Dan earned his General Class operating ticket last week.  Now that’s music to my ears!!

5/20/2023 – Here we go again!!  Congratulations go out to club member Brandon Rozell, KC3VKP, who tested and earned the  General Class License upgrade today at the Third Saturday Testing Session held at the Winfield Township Test Site.   Mike, N3DRM, Carl, K3KMD and KA3RNF supported this month’s testing effort.

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Club Net Dates

ACS net at 7:45 PM.  Digital training net to follow at 8:00 PM.  Dates & net control ops:

  • 4 October – W3TXG
  • 11 October – Monthly Meeting (No Net)
  • 18 October – N3TFX
  • 25 October – KC3VKP
  • 1 November – W3TXG
  • 8 November – Monthly Meeting (No Net)
  • 15 November – N3TFX

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Repeater: Primary – 147.300+ 131.8pl; Backup – 443.900+ 131.8pl

October 11 - Next Club Meeting

Our next monthly meeting will be at the Butler County Emergency Operations Center, 120 McCune Road, Butler, PA.  Meeting will start at 7:30 PM.

Remote access options will be available for those who prefer to participate from home.

License Exams

Ham radio license exams, led by the club’s volunteer examiners, are available after the monthly meeting and other times during each month.

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