Butler County Amateur Radio Public Service Group

Dedicated to working with Butler County 9-1-1 Emergency Services

Upcoming Events

Field Day – June 24/25

Field Day is Amateur Radio’s Open House. Join us at the Winfield Township Municipal Building for Field Day 2023. Public welcome on Saturday, June 24, 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

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5/26/2023 Congratulations goes out to club member Dan Schall, KC3NYB.  Chuck, N3OIK just notified me that Dan earned his General Class operating ticket last week.  Now that’s music to my ears!!

5/20/2023 – Here we go again!!  Congratulations go out to club member Brandon Rozell, KC3VKP, who tested and earned the  General Class License upgrade today at the Third Saturday Testing Session held at the Winfield Township Test Site.   Mike, N3DRM, Carl, K3KMD and KA3RNF supported this month’s testing effort.

5/19/2023 – Congratulations goes out today, to PSG member, Dr. Andrew Wisler, KC3VLR, who tested and earned his General Class Ticket, at our new Evans City testing location!  Thanks goes out to Jeff, N3FYW for his help in acquiring the new location, Ron, KA3WIK and Mike, N3DRM for their constant support of our PSG VE program. 

5/10/2023Congratulations goes out to John Lutz, W3LTZ’s father who tested and earned his Technician Ticket last night after our regular PSG meeting!  Matt was not there due to a family emergency but needless to say, he’s very proud of his dad’s accomplishment!  It looks like, it may become a family affair.  We look forward to hearing you on the air John and good going Matt!

4/13/2023Congratulations goes out to George Friess who retested and passed his General Class License exam last night after our club meeting!  George has been a Ham for over 50 years but had let his license expire back in 2008.  Well, he’s back and looking forward to being radio active once again.  Welcome back “Geeo” looking forward to hearing you on the air!! 

4/1/2023 – A BIG THANK-YOU goes out to all the PSG members turning out for the Egg-Stravaganza today!!!  Speaking on behalf of Matt / W3LTZ and the entire group, I believe I can say a good time was had by all!  The kids and parents I came into contact with, all had smiling faces and the weather for the event was perfect.  PSG Members and Associates in attendance were Bill / KB3TBT, Maryanne / KB3YWU, “Tommie”, Tom / W3TXG, Jim / N3TFX, Chuck / N3OIK, Anthony Blizman (OIK’s Grandson), Tom / KA3KST, Dale / KE3SV, Dan / WA3GDS and of course myself, Julian / KA3RNF, along with my Grandson “Action Jaxson”.  Last, but certainly not the least, a BIGGER THANK-YOU also goes out to Matt / W3LTZ who agreed to lead this band of “Wahskilly Wabits”! I’m certain the Winfield Supervisors appreciated all our efforts!  I do hope everyone made it home safe and sound, as I had to reroute 5 times going home, due to downed trees blocking the roadways. 


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Club Net Dates

ACS net at 7:45 PM.  Digital training net to follow at 8:00 PM.  Dates & net control ops:

  • 7 June – W3TXG
  • 14 June – Monthly Meeting (No Net)
  • 21 June – TBD
  • 28 June – KA3RNF
  • 5 July – W3TXG
  • 12 July – Monthly Meeting (No Net)
  • 19 July – TBD

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Repeater: Primary – 147.300+ 131.8pl; Backup – 443.900+ 131.8pl

June 14 - Next Club Meeting

Our next monthly meeting will be at the Butler County Emergency Operations Center, 120 McCune Road, Butler, PA.  Meeting will start at 7:30 PM.

Remote access options will be available for those who prefer to participate from home.

License Exams

Ham radio license exams, led by the club’s volunteer examiners, are available after the monthly meeting and other times during each month.

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