Alameda Park Allstar Link Update

On Saturday (9/19/2020) we deployed an Allstar Link node (no. 43418) to our Alameda Park repeater site (147.300 MHz). This gives us the ability to form a linked repeater system with our Winfield Township repeater (145.290 MHz) and to also connect to the Pennsylvania Wide Area Network Repeater System (WANRS). Alameda Park is currently in stand-alone mode and only occasionally connected to Winfield and the WAN-RS. The repeater is currently undergoing testing and adjustments but is OPEN for all general amateur use.

147.300 Allstar Linking Schedule

Our Alameda Park repeater will connect the the the Wide Area Network Repeater System for the following weekly nets.
DayWAN Link TimesNet (Start Time - Name)
Sunday20:55 to 22:55 21:00 - Wide Area Network Repeater System Emergency Service Net
Hosted by Cambria Radio Club ARES/ACS
Thursday20:25 to 21:3220:30 - MADXRA Net
Hosted by the Mid Atlantic DX and Repeater Association

Please note that our Winfield Township 145.290 Repeater is linked FULL-TIME to the WAN-RS.

For more information on how we participate in the AllStar Link network and the Wide Area Network Repeater System please visit our AllStar Link Repeater page.