Digital Voice Modes Training – March 10

Our March 10th monthly meeting will feature a special Digital Voice Modes training session presented by John Lewis, AI3I. This is great timing considering the recent addition of C4FM digital voice capabilities to our 443.900 MHz repeater.

John Lewis, our local ARRL Technical Specialist, will give a talk on Digital Voice modes for amateur radio. His talk will highlight some of the technical underpinnings that make up DMR, D-STAR, C4FM (Fusion), and to some extent P25 and NXDN.

The March meeting, along with John’s talk, will take place as a Zoom video teleconference.

As with all our meetings, this talk is open to the public. BCARPSG members will receive an e-mail invite with all the details. Non-members can request the Zoom video teleconference login details by contacting


Date:  Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Time:  7:30 PM (John to present at 8:00 PM)
Location:  Virtual. The meeting will take place on Zoom

Please see our February blog post, 443.900 Repeater Upgrade…, for an overview of digital voice capabilities on our 443.900 MHz repeater.