First MLB Broadcast Special Event – August 7

We will be operating Special Event Station (SES) KD3KA at Roebling Park in Saxonburg to commemorate the first radio broadcast of a Major League Baseball game. That broadcast took place on August 5, 1921 by KDKA. This historic broadcast occurred at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh and featured the Pittsburgh Pirates against the Philadelphia Phillies. The Pirates defeated the Phillies 8 to 5. We will be operating the SES from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM on Saturday, August 7, 2021.

KDKA, Pittsburgh, PA is the longest continuously scheduled commercial broadcast radio station in the world and holds many “firsts” in radio history. The first radio broadcast of a professional baseball game was on KDKA on August 5, 1921, from Forbes Field in Pittsburgh. BCARPSG will celebrate this centennial milestone with a special event station from Roebling Park in Saxonburg, near the site of KDKA mediumwave and W8XK shortwave transmitters in the 1930’s. A commemorative QSL is available via BCARPSG, P.O. Box 141, Prospect, PA 16052. Please send SASE. Donations gratefully accepted.

Here’s a preview of the excellent QSL card designed by club member KC3SIZ:

We will be operating as station KD3KA  on the following frequencies:

7.040 MHz
7.240 MHz
14.040 MHz
14.240 MHz

For KDKA history and other information please visit the KDKA Centenial website at