W3VXT Memorial Simplex Contest – September 25

Our sister club, the Butler County Amateur Radio Association, is holding a 2 meter simplex contest in memory of Dave Zibrat (W3VXT) who passed in May of 2019.

Date & Time: Saturday September 25, 2021. 7pm to 10pm local time.

Details: Please see the Butler County Amateur Radio Association’s W3VXT Memorial 2 Meter Simplex Contest page for all the details. Entry and log forms can be downloaded from this site as well.

W3VXT Memorial 2 Meter Simplex Contest

This September let’s continue the tradition that Dave W3VXT started. Everyone who participated the last few years had a blast. So, we would like to continue the tradition again this year.

Get your radios and antennas tuned up for a night of fun!

Date & Time:   Saturday, September 25, 2021.

                             7 pm to 10 pm local time (Eastern Standard Time).

Objective:         To make as many contacts as possible and most importantly to have FUN!

  • Simplex only – No Repeaters.

Exchange:       Callsign > Contact > Number > Zip code.


  • Work as many stations and locations as possible.
  • Work each station once per zip code and once per mode.
  • Mobiles can rework stations whenever they change locations.

Reminder:  Hilltops work best!

Recommended FM Simplex Frequencies:

  • 146.505Mhz
  • 146.520Mhz
  • 146.535Mhz
  • 146.550Mhz
  • 146.565Mhz
  • 146.580Mhz

2 Meter SSB & AM: 144.200 MHz

Note: Work the Bonus Station and receive an extra 20 Points.

Logs:    Send logs by e-mail to: N3WHJOE at gmail.com or

                by mail to:  

1020 Bonniebrook Road              
Butler, PA 16002.

  • Note: Only send Score Sheet, contacts not needed. Send SASE for a QSL card.