Raymond “Ray” L. Albert Jr. – SK (1946 – 2021)

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Ray Albert, N3XCD.  Ray was an active member of the PSG for about 10 years, from approximately 1998 to 2008.  A staunch advocate of the RACES program, he, along with his wife Chrissie, N3YTD and son Harvey, N3YTC involved the club in numerous public service activities in and around Butler County.  Well known for speaking his mind, you knew just where he stood anytime the club was faced issues, problems or opportunities.  A dependable, dedicated and determined individual, Ray served 8 club presidential terms and went to great lengths to keep the PSG alive and viable.  He especially enjoyed working with and became a key player in the annual “Tour de Cure” Biking Event, held at Seneca Valley High School. He left the hobby in 2008, to focus on solving several difficult family issues.

73 My Friend!
Julian Savage, KA3RNF
President, BCARPSG, Inc.