Free License Classes – January 16

Our friends from Ohio with the Cuyahoga Falls ARC will be offering a FREE virtual General License class. The six part class will begin Sunday, January 16th and run for six weeks. Classes are 1:30 to 4:00 PM and all students must pre-register.

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The Cuyahoga Falls ARC License Class

Neither COVID Pandemic, Severe Weather nor Natural Disasters Prevent Ham’s Continued Communication

Amateur Radio (or “Ham Radio”) is used by people all over the world to communicate via radio waves with no Internet or Cellular connection necessary. Some people become licensed ham radio operators for emergency preparedness for disaster events including floods, tornadoes, wildfires, etc. or to provide communications support for community events such as the Stow Parade, Akron Marathon, bike races, and other community/charity events. Others use Amateur Radio to report severe weather events as part of a nationwide volunteer weather spotting service. Many people use Amateur Radio as a social activity to talk with people in their local area, in other states, or around the world. This on-air activity has increased dramatically with recent COV-19 social distancing, allowing many Hams to maintain friendships worldwide. 

Unlike many other types of radio communication, Amateur Radio operators can use a variety of frequency bands to facilitate local, regional and international communications. Hams are also the original DIYers (since the early 1900s), often building, repairing and modifying their own equipment and antennas to provide optimal performance. This hands-on approach also means Hams are often involved in a number of other Maker-type hobbies and activities.

Ham radio is also the ultimate STEM activity for kids. As children learn about how to operate an Amateur Radio, they will build upon their knowledge in science, technology, engineering, math, as well as electronics, physics, and space science. It is a great hands-on activity that introduces kids to technical concepts and inspires them to learn more. There is no age limit for Amateur Radio licensing and many youngsters start as young as 10 years old. 

The Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Radio Club, with members throughout Summit and Portage Counties, provides free online classes for all ages to prepare potential Hams to take the FCC licensing exams. The club will start its entry-level license preparation six-week class beginning Oct 10th. For additional information visit the club’s website

A wide variety of Amateur Radio Operates communicate via the airwaves.


Jim Berry enjoys talking with other Ham Radio Operators around the world from his station in Cuyahoga Falls