Net Control Opportunities – Wednesdays

We have many Net Control openings for the Wednesday night ACS and Digital Training Nets. See the latest schedule at our ACS Net page (CLICK here) and let Tom (W3TXG) know if you are interested in taking any slots.

About the Nets

ACS Net – Wednesday Evening at 7:45 PM. 
This net usually lasts about 15 minutes. The main purpose of this net is to test the Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS) in Butler County. As Net Control you will take check-ins on the 147.300 and 443.900 MHz repeaters and then turn the net over to our ARES Emergency Coordinator and RACES Radio Officer for any related news and announcements.  More info here…
 Digital Training Net – Wednesday Evening immediately following the ACS Net.
This net lasts anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. The purpose is to test text-based digital communications capabilities using the Fldigi or Winlink software. We practice using various digital modes, have discussions about digital technologies, and review digital operating procedures. As Net Control you will take check-ins on the 147.300 MHz repeater and then run the group through sending/receiving digital messages.

Please Note: There are no nets on the second Wednesday of each month due to our monthly meeting.