Armstrong Donates Repeaters for Amateur Radio Use

The Butler County Amateur Radio Public Service Group ( K3PSG ) is very grateful to Armstrong for the donation of two decommissioned Motorola MTR2000 repeaters. The first is now operational at K3PSG’s West Sunbury location, co-located with Butler County 911 radio system, on 442.9 MHz.   Armstrong also donated an MTR2000 to be used for a 70cm repeater at  K3PSG’s Winfield Township location, co-located with their 2m, 145.290 MHz repeater.

The Fort Armstrong Wireless Association club is also the recipient of a third MTR2000 for use in Armstrong County at a future location. 
Thank you Armstrong for your commitment to public safety as these repeaters will increase coverage throughout Butler County. 

Please visit our K3PSG Repeater Page for a list of all K3PSG repeaters in Butler County.