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Spring S.E.T. Drill – April 6

The Spring Simulated Emergency Test (SET) exercise will be Saturday, April 6.  BCARPSG, along with clubs and amateurs across Western Pennsylvania, will be participating in this test of communications and emergency preparedness.

Date & Time:  Saturday, April 6,  9:30 AM to 12:30 PM EDT.


Radio Frequencies:

To be announced.


  1. Communication discipline: Listen prior to speaking, when in doubt, query the frequency you are on for traffic
  2. Keep communication professional: Speak clearly and concisely. Keep all communication short, sweet and on point; use the phonetic alphabet to clarify communication whenever needed
  3. Take your turn to speak; don’t get wrapped up with a false sense of urgency, this is a training exercise.  If ever faced with a REAL-WORLD emergency, say “BREAK” and identify yourself, you should be immediately acknowledged and you can state the nature of your EMERGENCY!
  4. Simplex communication; if the opportunity presents itself; remember our assigned Primary Butler County ACS Simplex Frequency, 147.570 and the Alternate District Simplex Frequency, 145.510
  5. Last but not least; this is your hobby…..Have Fun!!!!

Mobile Unit Equipment Checklist:

  • Your FCC license.
  • Your Region 13 ACS badge (if you were issued one).
  • Dual-band radio (HT or mobile or both). If HT,  do not forget an extra battery.
  • Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Notepad & pens
  • Potable water
  • Meds
  • Map
  • Safety vest