AllStar Link Repeaters

Our AllStar Link Repeaters

AllStar Link is a Voice over IP (VoIP) network used to facilitate interconnection of amateur radio repeater systems. AllStar Link allows us to connect BCARPSG repeaters together to form a linked repeater network. The AllStar Link system also allows us to connect our repeaters to other linked repeater networks across the globe.

The Wide Area Network

The Wide Area Network Repeater System (WANRS) is a linked repeater network deployed in Western and Central Pennsylvania. The hub for WANRS is Allstar Link node 2135 located in Warren, Pennsylvania. There are about a dozen VHF and UHF repeaters across Pennsylvania that are linked full time to WANRS.


We currently have two AllStar Link repeaters on-the-air in Butler County: 145.290 (node 27635) in Winfield Township (Cabot, PA) and 147.300 (node 43418) at Alameda Park in Butler, PA. We also maintain an AllStar Link Hub (node 29824) to serve as a central connection point for Butler County repeaters.

  • 145.290 is linked full-time to WANRS via the Butler County Hub.
  • 147.300 connects to WANRS for two weekly nets and special events.

All repeaters disconnect from WANRS and link to each other for BCARPSG Nets (ACS, Digital, and Butler County Net).

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Our Alameda Park repeater will connect the the the Wide Area Network Repeater System for the following weekly nets.
DayWAN Link TimesNet (Start Time - Name)
Sunday20:55 to 22:55 21:00 - Wide Area Network Repeater System Emergency Service Net
Hosted by Cambria Radio Club ARES/ACS
Thursday20:25 to 21:3220:30 - MADXRA Net
Hosted by the Mid Atlantic DX and Repeater Association

Please note that our Winfield Township 145.290 Repeater is linked FULL-TIME to the WANRS.

Live Link Map for Butler County Hub

Blue Bubble is Butler County Hub Node 29824

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