COVID-19 Health & Welfare Nets

Amateur Radio Clubs around Western Pennsylvania are operating daily Health & Welfare nets during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The purpose of these nets are to check-in on the welfare of fellow amateur radio operators and other members of the community.

11/21/2020 Update: With the recent increase in COVID-19 cases here in Butler County the BCARPSG will be resuming its daily (M – F) Health & Welfare Net. This will be a good way for amateurs to stay in touch as public gatherings and events become fewer.

6/1/2020 Update: As Western Pennsylvania counties progress through the process of reopening and the easing of restriction, Health & Welfare Nets are standing down (see below for an updated list). When operating, these nets provided an invaluable service to operators and the community by helping people stay in touch, pass information, and coordinate assistance for those who could not leave their homes.

8:45 AM146.850 MHz/131.8 Hz

Triple “A” Amateur Radio Association BreakfasteersM - F
9:00 AM3.9830 MHzWPA ACSM - F
Noon145.410 MHz/173.8 Hz*Fort Armstrong Wireless AssociationDISCONTINUED
1:00 PM147.360 MHz/131.8 HzButler County Amateur Radio AssociationDISCONTINUED
5:00 PM444.175 MHz/131.8 HzK3ACS – Lawrence CountyDaily
7:00 PMLinked Repeaters:
147.300 MHz/131.8 Hz
145.290 MHz/131.8 Hz
Butler County Amateur Radio Public Service GroupM - F
*) Tone is temporarily disabled for duration of the net and during emergencies for this repeater.

Please send additions, corrections, and/or other changes to Check back here often for updates to this schedule.

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