Field Day -- June 27/28

ARRL Field Day is a local event and an opportunity for local amateur radio clubs to showcase the skills, science and technologies that make radio communication such a wonderful hobby and a valuable public service.

Field Day 2020 is scheduled for June 27-28.  Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic we’ve changed our plans for Field Day and we will not be operating at the Winfield Township Municipal Building. Club members are encouraged to operate individually as home, mobile, or remote stations.

Time Remaining

Field Day 2020 Has Ended. We Hope You Had A Good Time.

See Temporary Rule Waivers Announced for 2020 ARRL Field Day for details.

The latest update from ARRL on this unique field day situation can be found here… Planning Your ARRL Field Day 2020 Operation

Also some great suggestions here… Creative Approaches to Field Day 2020.

General Field Day information can be found at the ARRL Field Day Page.

2020 Results

Number of Contacts by Band
2 11


You have probably heard that field day is going to be different this year. Many clubs, including ours, will not be assembling in a central location. The ARRL has recognized this and made some one-time rule changes (waivers) for Field Day 2020.  The big one is that home stations (Class D) can now get credit for contacting other home stations. Previously, clubs could contact home stations, homes could contact clubs, and clubs could contact each other.  This change is to allow people to operate from home and still have Field Day type fun.

The following is an overview of the changes for Field Day 2020. The list is not exhaustive and you should refer to the ARRL Field Day page for all the details.

K3PSG will be On-The-Air – KA3RNF and W3GWC will be operating as K3PSG at the Butler County Emergency Operations Center (EOC). K3PSG will be a fully-qualified Class F (EOC) station. Thank you Butler County Emergency Services for your hospitality and support!

CALL SIGNS – Club members should use their own call sign, not the club call sign for Field Day.  Credit will still go to the club as long as everyone uses the exact same club name when uploading their results to the ARRL. We will use the following designation for our club:

Butler County AR Public Srvc Group

This name must be submitted exactly as written above. Variations such as “BCARPSG”,  “Butler Co. Public Service Group”, “Butler County PSG” will not work. Computers are processing the results and computers are not smart enough to know these are all the same thing.

LOGGING SOFTWARE – Those of you who use logging software should check with the developers to see what updates they have. Many have updated their logging software in recent weeks to allow you to enter your club name for club credit (see the comment above about how to enter our name).

RULES – All the usual Field Day rules still apply (station class, power, points, etc..).  Please see the ARRL Field Day Rules page for details.

DUPLICATES – Don’t worry about duplicates with other club members. Since each station is operating as an individual there are no club duplicates to worry about.

SCORING – All individual scores, including bonus points, will be added together to determine the aggregate club score.

CLUB COORDINATION – We are going to use the 147.300 and 443.900 repeaters to stay in touch and coordinate during Field Day.

STATION CLASS – Operate as the class appropriate for your station. Even though there will be an aggregate club score this does not mean you should sign as an “A” station.

NEW GUYS and GALS – Please do not hesitate to reach out to any fellow club members for help and with questions. Field Day is a great time to learn.

Field Day 2019 Results

Field Day 2019 operations were held at the Winfield Township municipal building in Cabot, PA.   Thank-you Winfield Township for your hospitality!  The location was fantastic!

Total Contacts: 406.   USA – 39 states; Canada-3 provinces;  Belize.
Modes – Digital – 115; Phone – 291
Band – 20 meters – 130; 40 meters – 163; 80 meters – 113