10/19/2021 – Congratulations & Welcome to Eric Beveridge (KC3SYE) who passed his Technician Exam with flying colors today.  Welcome to the club and the hobby Eric!

9/5/2021 – Congratulations.  Congratulations to Glenn Callender (KC3SLA) who passed his Extra exam at  our Sunday night exam session.

8/20/2021 – Congratulations & Welcome.  Lets welcome Hunter McGuire (KC3SPZ) to our club and the hobby.  Hunter passed his Technician exam at our testing session this evening. Congratulations Hunter!

8/14/2021 – Welcome New Member.  Please welcome Clayton Smith (KC3PIH) to our club.

7/18/2021 – Congratulations & Welcome.  Congratulations to Mike Mullas (KC3PSN) and Tom Donato (KC3NUC) who passed their Extra Class exams at our Sunday evening exam session.  A shout-out to new ham Glenn Callender who passed both his Technician and General exams at this same session. Congrats Glenn and welcome to the hobby.

7/11/2021 – Welcome New Member.  Please welcome Lisa French (KC3LQW) to our club.

7/1/2021 – Congratulation & Welcome.  Congratulations are in order for club member John Blum (KC3NVU) and NEW club member Jim Schaffner (KC3SIZ).  John upgraded to General class and Jim passed both his Technician and General exams during our Field Day 2021 exam session.  Nice work guys!

6/9/2021 – Welcome New Member! Please welcome Dan Schall (KC3NYB) to our club.

5/8/2021 – Welcome New Member. Please welcome Joe Hoelzli (KC3SAU) to our club.

5/1/2021 – Delmar “Del” Simpson. SK.  We regret to inform the BCARPSG membership and community that local amateur operator and Navy veteran Delmar “Del” Simpson (KB3WV) became a silent key on 4/22/2021.  Del served 20 years in the U.S Navy as an Electronics Technician on “Boomers” (nuclear submarines). Following his Naval career, Del worked in off-shore oil exploration, including time on the ill-fated Ocean Ranger mobile rig.  For more information on Del’s passing please see the Legacy Obituary (CLICK here…).

4/25/2021 – Upgrade Congratulations are in Order.  Please congratulate  Brian Adey (KC3RFV) who upgraded to Extra Class and Tim Donato (KC3NUC)  who upgraded to General Class at our special exam session today.

3/22/2021 – Welcome New Member. Please welcome Jim Henry (KC3RGZ) to our club.

3/14/2021 – Congratulations & Welcome. A big round of applause for three of our members who upgraded their licenses to Extra Class today: Evelyn Aronsohn (KA3TIR), Ron Miller (KC3RHQ), and Jason Yasment (N3YAZ).  Also, let’s welcome Brian Adey (KC3RFV) to the club. Congratulations to everyone!

3/4/2021 – Welcome New Members. Please welcome Rabe Marsh, W3TNU and Mike Wilson, KC3QZN to our club. Welcome to the group.

3/1/2021 – Welcome: Please welcome Marty Hoover, KC3OSW to our club. Welcome to the fun Marty!

2/18/2021 – Welcome New Members: The Sciulli Family. Let’s welcome three new members all from the Sciulli Family: Christina (KB3SDX), Jennifer (KB3UDQ), and Matthew (KB3EWI). Nice work N3WH!

2/11/2021 – Welcome New Member.  Welcome to Bob Ivill (KC3FME). Bob is the latest addition to the BCARPSG family.

2/10/2021 – Welcome New Members. The BCARPSG welcomes our two new members: Jeff and Evelyn Aronsohn (N3FYW & KA3TIR). Welcome to the club Jeff & Evelyn.

1/24/2021 – Three License Exams this Weekend and Three New Hams.  Congratulations to David Hassinger (KC3RHP) & Scott McNeil (KC3RHO) who passed the Technician Exam. Congratulations to Ron Miller (KC3RHQ) who knocked out both Technician and General exams in one sitting. Welcome to the hobby and our club.

12/2/2020 – Congratulations & New Member. Let’s congratulate Paul Weyman (KC3PXC) and Mike Mullas (KC3PSN) who passed their General License Exam today. Let’s also welcome Mike to the club.

11/12/2020 – Welcome to the Hobby & BCARPSG. We would like to congratulate and welcome our newest club member, Ben Oesterling (KC3QNA), who passed the Technician Exam today.

8/15/2020 – Congratulations & Welcome. Congratulations to club member Matt Lutz (W3LTZ) for upgrading to General Class and to Paul Weyman (KC3PXC) for passing the Technician exam. We would also like to welcome Paul to the club and the hobby.

7/12/2020 – Welcome New Member. The BCARPSG would like to welcome Chris Johnston (K3CRJ) to the club. Congratulations to Chris who tested and passed his General License exam during our special test session at Camp Bucoco.

6/30/2020 – ARRL Field Day 2020 Is In The History Books. With social distancing and other restrictions it was certainly a time for radio amateurs to demonstrate their ability to adapt. Most BCARPSG members participated from home. Thanks to the generous hospitality of Butler County Emergency Services we were able to activate a Class 2F EOC station at the Butler County Emergency Operations Center. To learn more about our Field Day activities, including club member scores please visit our Field Day page.

6/22/2020WAN-RS Linked Repeater Antenna Upgrade. Our Winfield Township 145.290 MHz repeater has a new antenna and initial reports are of a much improved signal. This repeater operates with a negative offset and a PL tone of 131.8 Hz.

6/15/2020 – Welcome New Member. The BCARPSG would like to welcome Dale Hutchison to the hobby and to our club. Dale passed his Technician license exam this past weekend.

5/16/2020 – NEW REPEATER ONLINE. The former Saxonburg WAN-RS repeater has been relocated to Winfield Township and is now operational on 145.290 MHz, PL 131.8, negative offset. This repeater is a linked member of the Pennsylvania Wide Area Network Repeater System (WAN-RS).

4/18/2020 – Happy World Amateur Radio Day!  Check out our new Club Photo Page and Club Video Page. Also, have a look at our YouTube Channel.

3/26/2020 – The BCARPSG club has been bestowed the honor and distinction of serving Western Pennsylvania as an ARRL Special Service Club (SSC).  ARRL SSCs are clubs that go above and beyond to serve their fellow amateurs and their communities around them, and oftentimes in ways that are unique within their local ARRL Section.

3/12/2020 – KE3SV has been participating in Parks on the Air (POTA) and is featured in a video.  Check it out, his exchange is around 4:30 into the video.  Here’s the link https://youtu.be/QUygnZYDSPQ

3/1/2020 – Club Members: Please sign up for ARES CONNECT at https://arrl.volunteerhub.com/lp/wpa