Our club has five repeaters, with a mixture of VHF and UHF types.  All repeaters use the same PL tone of 131.8Hz.  We are working on connecting all of our repeaters to the AllStar Link network.  See our AllStar Link page for information on this project.

Formerly located in Saxonburg, 145.290 (WA3UQD) is a linked member of the Pennsylvania Wide Area Network Repeater System (WAN-RS).

Our Repeaters - K3PSG

Frequency (MHz)
Offset (+/-)
Height (ft.)
ERP (W)StatusFeature Set
145.290-Winfield Township35325ON AIRASL, Ep, NOAA, WANRS
147.300+Alameda Park125314ON AIRARN, ASL, Ep
442.900+West Sunbury165593ON AIREp
443.200+Winfield TownshipOFF AIR
443.900+Butler County EOC150409ON AIRC4FM, Ep
Key: ARN = Amateur Radio Newsline, ASL = AllStar Link, C4FM = System Fusion Digital Voice, Ep = Emergency Power, NOAA = Weather Alerts, WANRS = Wide Area Network Repeater System
The PL Tone for All Repeaters is 131.8 Hz